About PIEC Toronto

The Pacific Innovation & Executive Club Toronto (PIEC Toronto), founded in 2017, is a membership-based non-for-profit organization with the mission to service and facilitate China-Canada cross border interactions and collaborations across industries. PIEC Toronto aims to create a leadership platform focusing on gathering young innovators, entrepreneurs and executives, in which ideas can be exchanged freely and resources can be shared and utilized to the maximum.


Team | 团队

The PIEC Toronto Executive Team consists young professional elites from across industries, all members have received education from both China and Canada. The well mixed professional and academic background of the team guarantees the platform’s well-rounded growth for the benefit of our members.


Operations | 业务

Events, Media and Academy are the three pillars of our operation.


Events | 系列活动

Our well-designed events provide our members not only the most forward-thinking ideas on business topics across industries, also the opportunities to interact with those thinkers and fellow members. It is an open, refined and effective environment we cater to our members.


Media | 媒体板块

Our media operations are our official social network outlets, in both English and Chinese. These platforms encourage the sharing of views on stressing economic and social issues, allowing for healthy and constructive discussion on those topics.


Acedemy | 教育项目

PIEC Toronto Academy designs and offers business school level executive learning and development experience for our members. The Academy is the place for our members to come to be better.


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