Pacific Innovative & Executive Club Toronto

Membership Constitution (June 2019)


Chapter 1 General Provisions


Article 1. Full Name: Pacific Innovative & Executive Club Toronto (PIEC Toronto).

Article 2. PIEC Toronto is a not-for-profit organization with a membership system

Article 3. Our objective is to establish a young professional leader platform formed by elite entrepreneurs and executives through promoting the exchange and interaction between China and Canada across all industries.

Article 4. The headquarter is in Toronto.


Chapter 2 Membership Admission and Qualification


Article 5. Membership Qualification:

  • Abide by both Chinese and Canadian law and regulations, as well as the PIEC Toronto constitution;
  • Be enthusiastic about industrial and cultural exchange between China and Canada and acknowledge the objective of PIEC Toronto;
  • The minimum age requirement is 19.


Article 6. Membership Application and Registration:

  • Complete the registration form;
  • Pay membership fee on time and in full amount.


Chapter 3 Membership Category


 Article 7. Membership Category and Fees

  • 1-Year Membership:Annual payment CAD 49.99 + taxes, valid for 1 year. The membership is effective immediately after the payment of membership fee. The renewal date is the start of the next month next year;
  • Lifetime Membership:Lump-sum payment CAD 99.99 + taxes, valid for life;
  • An electronic card will be issued as a valid certification.


Chapter 4 Rights and Obligations of Member


Article 8. Rights of Members

  • Priority in attending various activities held by PIEC Toronto (including but not limited to Pub Night, Industry Night, Bootcamp, etc.) and held by our partner organizations;
  • Enjoy certain price discounts or exemptions for the above activities;
  • Onsite interactions and communications with the guests and professional being invited to our events;
  • Regular sharing and promotion of various external industrial information and resources;
  • Exclusive events for our members.


Article 9. Obligations of Members

  • Abide by the Chinese and Canadian law and PIEC Toronto Constitution;
  • When participating in activities at the membership price, must present membership card and shall not lend it to others;
  • Actively engage in our events. For those who attend less than one time per year, PIEC Toronto retains the right to suspend his or her membership for further review;
  • Provide membership number when attending the events;
  • Protect the reputation and interests of PIEC Toronto;
  • Publish negative or politically sensitive remarks on social media and events is prohibited;
  • Respect other members’ privacy, disclose members’ personal information and disseminate false statements is prohibited.


Chapter 5 Rights and Obligations of PIEC Toronto


Article 10. Obligations of PIEC Toronto

  • Organize Industry Nights, Networking events and Training Sessions, help members expand social circles and enhance knowledge reserve;
  • Provide an information exchange platform and release relevant information in time;
  • Respect members’ privacy and keep members’ information confidential;
  • Protect the reputation and interests of PIEC Toronto.


Article 11. Rights of PIEC Toronto

  • Collection of membership fee in accordance with the membership constitution;
  • In the case of emergency or force majeure, PIEC Toronto has the right to adjust or cancel the schedule of activities;
  • In the case of members violating local laws and regulations and membership constitution, PIEC Toronto retains the right to cancel their membership;
  • Prevent members from damaging the site facilities and PIEC Toronto has the right to ask for compensation.


Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions


Article 12. PIEC Toronto reserves the final rights to interpret the terms and conditions of this content, effective on July 1, 2019.



第一章 总则


第一条 本会全称是Pacific Innovative & Executive Club Toronto (PIEC Toronto),中文全称太平洋青年精英会。

第二条 本会是加拿大联邦注册的会员制非营利组织。

第三条 本会宗旨:通过促进中加两国间各行业间的交流互动,打造由青年精英创业者与管理者组成的青年领袖平台。

第四条 本会总部位于多伦多。


第二章 入会资格及申请方式


第五条 入会资格:

  • 遵守中国与加拿大两国法律法规,遵守本会制定的各项规章制度;
  • 热心中加双边行业与文化交流,认可本会宗旨;
  • 年满十九周岁。


第六条 申请方式:

  • 完整填写“入会申请表”;
  • 按照本章程规定缴纳会费。


第三章 会员和会费类别


第七条 会员和会费

  • 一年会员:按年缴纳会费 CAD 49.99 + taxes,有效期一年。自缴费之日起立即生效。缴费的次月1日为会员有效期计算起点;
  • 终身会员:一次性缴纳会费 CAD 99.99 + taxes,终身有效;
  • 本会颁发电子会员卡,作为凭证。


第四章 会员的权利和义务


第八条 会员的权利

  • 会员享有本会各类活动(包含但不限于行业交流会,Pub Night,思享会和教育培训课程)以及部分外部活动的优先报名权;
  • 会员享有本会举办的各类活动的一定程度的价格优惠或费用免除;
  • 与部分活动特邀嘉宾的小范围互动机会;
  • 协会各类外部资源和信息的定期推送和定制化分享;
  • 会员专属的线下聚会活动。


第九条 会员的义务

  • 遵守中国、加拿大两国法律法规和本会各项规章制度;
  • 积极参加协会活动,确保每年至少参加一次协会活动,如果一年内不出席任何活动,本会将在一年后重新评估会员资格并视情况保留取消会员资格的权利;
  • 会员报名活动时,须提供会员卡号;
  • 实名制会员资格不得转借他人使用;
  • 自觉维护本会的形象和声誉;
  • 不在本会线下活动和社交平台上发布不良及未经授权的广告内容或政治敏感言论;
  • 尊重其他会员隐私,严禁泄露会员个人信息和散布虚假言论;


第五章 本会的义务和权力


第十条 本会的义务

  • 举办各类行业交流和社交活动以及培训,帮助会员扩大社交圈和提升知识储备;
  • 提供和维护信息交流平台并及时发布各类信息;
  • 尊重会员个人隐私,为会员个人信息严格保密;
  • 不断提高和维护本会的形象和声誉。


第十一条 本会的权利

  • 按照会员章程规定收取会费;
  • 遭遇突发事件或不可抗力时,保留调整或取消活动安排时间的权利;
  • 制止会员违反本地法律法规或协会章程的行为,并保留取消其会员资格的权利;
  • 制止会员损坏活动现场设施的行为,并保留向其依法索赔的权利。


第六章 附则


第十二条 本章程的最终解释权归本协会所有,自2019年7月1日起正式生效。


Pacific Innovative & Executive Club Toronto 太平洋青年精英会

June 16, 2019