Lifetime Membership | 终身会员资格



PIEC Toronto lifetime membership: enjoy the benefits of a discount rate or free registration for our elite events. Benefits include:


  • Priority in attending various activities held by PIEC Toronto (including but not limited to Pub Night, Industry Night, Bootcamp, etc.) and held by our partner organizations;
  • Enjoy certain price discounts or exemptions for the above activities;
  • Onsite interactions and communications with the guests and professional being invited to our events;
  • Regular sharing and promotion of various external industrial information and resources;
  • Exclusive events for our members.

Valid for life.



  • 会员享有本会各类活动(包含但不限于行业交流会,Pub Night,思享会和教育培训课程)以及部分外部活动的优先报名权;
  • 会员享有本会举办的各类活动的一定程度的价格优惠或费用免除;
  • 与部分活动特邀嘉宾的小范围互动机会
  • 协会各类外部资源和信息的定期推送和定制化分享;
  • 会员专属的线下聚会活动。